Hi, I'm Lou Melchiorre

People have asked, “How did you get started in Mind Body Fitness?” I wish I had a short answer for that one, but the truth is that it has been more of a journey.

In high school, I experienced an ACL injury that required reconstruction. The sports medicine team taught me that my knees naturally hyperextend due to excess laxity in my joints. To improve the stability in my knee, they had me do pre-hab exercises for several weeks before my surgery, introducing me to the importance of functional strength training & being better prepared for postsurgical recovery.

Within months I was able to return to my sport. Having gone through the emotional & physical ups & downs of this process, I knew my calling. I wanted to be the one to give sports back to people who lived for it.

I dove into Sports Medicine in college. I finished my masters degree with my certification as an Athletic Trainer, & started my career working with the prevention & rehabilitation of athletic injuries.
As my career evolved, I became more in interested in prevention of injuries as an integral part of overall wellness. Strength & conditioning served as the perfect venue to educate myself & others. I tried all the latest trends in group fitness classes & soon started teaching group programs. Then I took my first mind body fitness class.

In the past, I had pushed myself to the limits, which lead to more injuries, but in yoga, I found that I had to balance flexibility with functional strength. I learned that just because I could push myself into a certain pose, it didn’t mean I should. I learned to work with control from a strong center in Pilates, & work from the inside out. As I found that balance with strength & flexibility, yoga & Pilates became my focus. 

My unique training style has now evolved into a fusion of yoga & Pilates inspired fitness. My programs are filled with flowing strength & flexibility moves, balance postures, core stability training, & relaxation for a complete workout. I love that I am able to share my passion for fitness & injury prevention while helping people stay healthy, fit, & pain / injury free, so that they can keep doing the activities that matter the most to them. 



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