Now that I know the value of slowing down &
 listening to my body &
scheduling daily time for wellness & self care
  • I feel better
  • I feel more energetic
  • I feel less stressed
  • I feel fewer aches & pain
  • I feel stronger, more stable, more flexible
  • I know that any movement is better than no movement, and I feel better the more I listen to my body and honor it’s needs
  • I feel healthier, happier, and know that I am taking care of myself, preventing injuries, and reducing my risk of diseases
Self care is NOT an optional luxury!
It is a vital part of your business plan!
You are the most important thing
that you bring to your business.
What will happen if you aren’t taking care of the
most important piece of your business?

Are you ready to

finally feel healthier,

more energetic, & less stressed?

Ready to learn how you can consistently fit self-care into your busy day so you can feel more energy & less stress, and show up as the healthiest, happiest and best version of yourself?
 Are you tired of trying different programs and classes, but not sticking with them, and then stopping them all together?
 Maybe you have tried an amazing class at the gym or the studio, but you just can’t find the time to get there often enough to see results.  
Perhaps you have tried a do it yourself home practice, only to get bored and feel defeated.
 You may have even tried an online yoga program, but you can’t seem to make your body do what they’re doing.  
You feel like you just can’t seem to find something that you enjoy that actually fits you.
  • Having  a home practice that fits into your busy day so you can finally have some ME time every single day- 100% guilt free
  • Waking up every day and feeling healthy, energetic, invigorated, & refreshed
  • Having a consistent home yoga / wellness practice that leaves you feeling strong, balanced, and renewed
  • Feel good knowing that you have a plan that fits into your busy day - you know exactly what you need to do each day
But right now you feel like you are running on empty. Your days are so jam packed, working with clients, developing your programs, running the kids around, and keeping up with your home, that you feel like you need a 30 hour day just to fit it all in.
Most busy modern women think that me time is an optional luxury. The truth is that women who make self care a priority feel like they are better - better moms, better wives, better friends, better professionals.  

Health & wellness has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Before becoming a mom, I worked in the sports medicine & wellness industry.  I had no problem taking as much time as I needed to take care of myself.  After having kids, my priorities changed, and my daily workouts shifted to a few times a week.  Once I started my business, it was like adding another kid to take care of!  
My day was full. Fuller than full! I wanted to take classes like I had always done, but I just couldn’t find a class that met my needs AND fit into my limited schedule around my  families activities.  I was so busy with my business and family's activities, that I didn’t realize that I wasn't really listening to my body's needs. I was active, but I wasn't really doing the things my body needed.  I didn't realize that I was stressed, but i was!  
My body resisted, and the stress manifested as pain.  So, I decided it was ENOUGH, and I started to MAKE time each day to listen to my needs, and create my own home yoga / Pilates practice.  I found online instructors with a teaching styles that resonated with me, that I could do it on MY time.  In my home.  At MY convenience.  No more spending over an hour driving there and back to the gym/ studio, just to take a 45 min - 1 hour class.  
I was able to go at my pace, and adjust my practice to fit my needs.  I found physically, anatomically based, flowing yoga based classes (without the woo) that fit into my busy day, without sucking up all of my precious time.  Just what I wanted.  

This is why I created
“More Energy ~ Less Stress"
Self Care & Wellness for Busy Modern Women


This daily program is designed to give busy modern women, like you, the tools & structure you need to easily upgrade your
self care and wellness & integrate mini-retreats into your busy day so you can feel healthier, less stressed, and more energetic. So you can become the healthiest and best version of yourself
for you, your family, and your career.  
I  truly believe it is a non-negotiable part of your life.
You are the most important thing that you bring to everyone around you & taking consistent and regular care of your health and wellness is vital to you showing up as
the best version of yourself.

“More Energy ~ Less Stress"

Self Care & Wellness for Busy Modern Women

What’s inside?
A 4-Week Program -with daily yoga & Pilates inspired classes
in about 20 minutes per day 
  • 16 Yoga & Pilates Inspired Classes
  • 4 Relaxation Classes  
  • *Pre-Program Self Assessment 
  • *20-minute 1:1 Customized Wellness Consultation
  • *Yoga Practice Safety Guide
  • *Daily / Weekly Progress Log Sheet
  • *Private Facebook group for support                                                                                 and accountability
PLUS >> Lifetime Access-  to the complete course, including any future updates
Who is this perfect for?
Women who……….
  • Are ready to take charge of their health & wellness & COMMIT to taking daily action
  • Want to FEEL BETTER- feel healthier, less stressed, more energetic
  • Want to learn how to listen to their bodies needs
  • Want to learn proper form, safety & alignment 
  • May not feel comfortable-may feel self-conscious walking into a studio yoga / Pilates class
  • May not be able to find a class that fits their needs
  • May live too far away from a studio / gym, but they still want to establish a consistent practice
Who is this NOT for?
Women who…….
  • Aren’t willing to commit & take daily action
  • Just want a quick fix
  • Are only looking for physical looks
  • Are not willing to make time in their schedules to take care of themselves 
  • Like to focus on what they can’t do
  • Are looking for a class with heavily spiritually focused yoga / yoga philosophy
Are you ready to:
  • Feel healthier, more energetic, & less stressed
  • Say goodbye to exhaustion
  • Reduce aches & pains
  • Feel stronger, more balanced, more flexible, more stability
  • Have a mind body fitness program specifically designed for your lifestyle as a busy female entrepreneur
  • Enjoy a program that fits into your busy day- into your schedule - on your time- meets you where you are
Get the Entire Program
for only $197!
Or Upgrade to the VIP Package which includes
an additional 4, 30-minute
Virtual Private Yoga Sessions!
How is this delivered?
  • Classes are accessible in my Virtual Yoga Studio
  • Log in each week to access classes, welcome package, & bonuses
  • New module available each week for four weeks 
  • You can even repeat it every month for a year long program!
You get:
  • 16 Yoga & Pilates Inspired Classes
  • 4 Relaxation Classes
  • Bonuses:
*Pre-Program Self Assessment 
*20-minute 1:1 Customized Wellness Consultation
*Yoga Practice Safety Guide
*Daily / Weekly Progress Log Sheet
*Private Facebook group for support and accountability
*Includes a Customized Wellness Consultation*
a 20-minute 1:1 consult  to review your self assessment,
goals, & get you set up for success so you can
fit this program into YOUR busy life!  
Are you ready to finally feel
healthier, more energetic, & less stressed? 
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