Not another vinyasa!

Vinyasa flow classes usually have quite a repetitions of plank, chaturanga, updog, and down dog. But what if you body just can't handle all that? Maybe you can do a plank or two, but your form starts to fade as you get tired. Your back may start to ache after too many chaturangas, or updog is just not the pose for you. What if you have had low back issues, and you just want to stay in the safe zone? What do you do? Check out this variation in the video here.

My body often needs this flow variation from child's pose to plank on the knees, lowering down, mini cobra, then back into child's pose. I love using this to warm up before full sun salutations, or even instead of a full plank / chaturunga/ updog vinyasa. This is a great variation to help build strength in the core and build up to full plank. If you aren't able to do a plank with perfect form quite yet, or have any discomfort in the low back during plank, stick with this variation for a while. You will get stronger and build up that solid foundation to do a full plank / up dog variation safely!

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