Chair pose flow!

What is your favorite variation of chair pose? Why not mix them up? In this video,  I did a few variations of chair.   First, I did an option  with the arms out in front and the elbows bent, which puts less stress on the low back.  Next, I moved into a variation with the arms up, creating a longer lever, which is more challenging, and puts more stress on the low back.  Flowing into twisting chair is one of my favorite variations. I started by placing the straight arm across the knee to help lengthen through the spine, then placed the elbow over the knee as I moved deeper into the twist. To protect the knees, remember to sit back in the heels so you can wiggle the toes, and keep the knees beside each other. Watch out for one knee shifting forward as you twist! If you can't quite get the elbow over the knee, without the knee shifting forward, go back and place the straight arm across the knee, and work the twist there, keeping the knees aligned. Try it and let me know which variation you like the best! 



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