How to protect the knee in Warrior 1

This is great pose to move into from down dog, coming into a lunge first, by bringing the right foot to the ground, making sure the right knee is directly over the right ankle, which helps protect the knee joint. I like to get a good solid foundation with both feet pressing down into the ground. I focus on sinking into the front foot and pressing into the back foot. Typical instructions for warrior 1 are to turn the back foot out at a 45° angle, but I like to move the foot into a position where I can keep the hips as square as possible facing the front of the mat. Sometimes that means moving the foot out a little to the left, or adjusting the angle of the foot. I'm also careful to make sure I'm not putting too much torque on my left knee. A great alternative, you ever notice any pain or tension in the back knee, is to pivot onto the ball of the back foot and move into a crescent lunge instead. Once I have the back foot where I want it and the hips squared, I like to bring the hands to the hips, or the heart center and focus on balance and strength in this pose. I think about sinking into the front foot and pressing into the outer edge of the back foot, tucking the tailbone under to open up the left hip and keeping the quads engaged in both legs. It's also nice to sweep the hands out to the side and up reaching the hands overhead. Focus on keeping the same feeling in the legs while reaching up through the fingertips and the crown of the head. As always, think about engaging through the core and reaching out from your strong, stable center. This is such a great pose to build dynamic strength, balance and stability. What tips help you in Warrior 1?

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